Monday, 25 June 2012

Word Of The Day. Day 21 Fight

From the minute I came into this world I have been fighting.  I fought for my breath, my life when born nearly 3 months early weighing little more than a bag of sugar.
I fought for acceptance with my peers at school, I fought for a future with my education, my life and career choices. 
I fought for my child, for his future, for his happiness and will continue to the day I die.
I fought my demons,those that had hurt me, my negative thoughts, my damaging actions, my eating disorder.
I continue to fight.  I still fight my lack of self esteem and my negative self-image in a world which is so bloody image and beauty conscious.
I fight those in my head who told me I couldn't, I wouldn't but I have :)
I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, I will fight to show others that beauty is more than skin deep, that there can be life after an eating disorder.
I will fight WITH others, with those who have shown me who I can be.

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