Thursday, 2 January 2014

January 2nd. How Do You Eat Yours?

Jelly babies :)   I love them. When I was a little girl they were so much bigger, but like all the sweets of yesteryear they have decreased in size and increased in price!! My only criticism has to be that they are very difficult to stop eating and depending on the brand, can have too much icing sugar on them.
I have to admit, even though my eating disorder is under control I do have to put the jar in cupboard. Out of sight-out of mind is definitely true with these little blighters.
Originally known as Peace Babies, Jelly Babies were launched 75 Years ago by Bassett's - one of Britain's oldest sweets manufacturers - to celebrate the end of the first world war
Peace Babies were popular between the wars, but due to a shortage of raw materials, Bassetts stopped producing them during the Second World War. They were reborn in 1953, and renamed The Jelly Babies.

  • They have been a popular sweet with several Dr Who's.
  • There Baby Brilliant, Bubbles,Booful, Bigheart, Bumper and Bonny. They all lay a different instrument in the band and have unique skateboarding skills!  Seriously!!  I don't go along with this individual baby tosh. Start giving them identities and I will have to think twice about eating them.
  • George Harrison was hit in the eye at a Beatles gig by a Jelly baby. He made the mistake of telling his fans that he liked them!!  

Why Did The Jelly baby Go To School?
Because He Wanted To Be A Smartie :)

Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by how you eat them!!

  • Eat it whole-you are confident and outgoing.
  • Eat the feet first-you lack confidence and are shy.
  • Bite the head of first-you have a mean streak.
  • You eat it any old way-you are a slob and a bit thoughtless.
OK, I cram at least 3 in my mouth at once. What does that say??

A little thought to be going on with. We are all bit like sweets. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sickly,sometimes bitter, often nutty, can take a long time to get to the best bit, what you see on the outside is not always what you find in the inside. 

See you tomorrow. xxx


  1. Love to see you back in the blog-o-sphere! The jellies sound yum.... and I'm right there with you on the out-of-site out-of-mind policy.... keeps me healthier :)

  2. Cute blog post. I will have to watch myself and not bite the head!

  3. This is adorable! I love learning about candy, even though I don't eat it anymore. The George Harrison bit was particularly amusing =P

  4. My thing is cookies! In fact, I used to call myself the Cookie Monster. :) Now that I am gluten-free, I have begun to eat gluten-free versions of my favorites. Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog! That was very kind of you.

  5. I have never heard of these candies...where do you get them? They look yummy!

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