Monday, 4 June 2012

Word Of The day. Day 4 Crazy

When I was a child there was a local Psychiatric hospital called St Lukes nearby, which was often referred to as the 'Looney Bin.' My parents would often comment if I was 'misbehaving,' you will drive us to St Lukes! That never happened, instead I developed an Eating Disorder and became an inpatient in a different 'looney bin,' many years later, for 'crazy' people.  I met a lot of 'crazy' people in my short time there. Elderly patients with dementia, young mothers with post natal depression, teenagers with bi-polar.  These weren't 'crazy' people they were people like me with an illness, people who needed support not to be judged or labelled.
For me now. I see crazy as a good word, the same as I see bonkers or mad. I used to dye my hair pink and red using crazy colours.  I can often wear crazy outfits.  I can be impulsive and do crazy things. I have crazy friends. I love crazy.

Driven Crazy or Crazy Driven

Are you driven crazy or crazy driven?
Are you driven by what people say OR are you crazy driven by an awesome day.

Are you driven crazy after a big fight OR crazy driven by a long night

If your driven crazy don't let anything get under your skin.
And if your crazy driven. It's your time to sin... 
Shauntae Taylor

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