Monday, 25 June 2012

Word Of The Day. Day 20 Compliment

I have never been great at accepting compliments for what they are, but I am getting better.  Growing up I remember a lot of 'you could do betters.' but not a lot of ,'well done!' Maybe they were there, maybe I just didn't hear them, maybe I just chose to hear the negative, maybe after a while negativity gets battered so far in that you never hear the good about yourself.  On the very rare occasions years ago that I may have received a heckle or wolf whistle I took it as someone taking the piss out of me, how could they be talking about someone so damn ugly!
I cant cope with being told how well I do my job.  Mandy take note, during staff performance reviews I am not looking smug, I have a nervous grin as I try to take in what you are saying.  Telling others they are doing a good job....easy :)
Thankfully things are changing, with the help of some special and beautiful people I am starting to see me for who I really am, and starting to believe in myself. Chances are, one of those beautiful and special people are reading this, so thank you. xx

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