Monday, 11 March 2013

A face For Radio

Today was my radio interview to promote my book, and I made a joke of 'having the face for radio' before I went in. Many years ago I would have believed this. As a little girl I dreamed of the knight in shining armour, being a beautiful princess and living happily ever after.
In reality I was not pleasing to the eye, was rather skinny, lanky, geeky, wore glasses and un-fashionable clothing. I was a magnet for the name callers, those who possibly had as low self-esteem as myself and those who just liked to abuse others for fun!!
Quite ironically, Emma the presenter picked out the poem The Weight Of Your Words to read. The ending being, 'which words do you carry with you each day?'  I spent years carrying the negativity, the words which battered me black and blue, made me cower in corners and fearful of those I trusted...... but not any more.
Now my beauty is more than the way I wear my hair, the make-up I apply or the clothes I use to frame my body. My beauty is in the compassion I feel for others, my confidence In who I am, my zest for life and what it throws at me.  Maybe its time others took a look at their perception of beauty.


  1. So true and very topical for me strangely enough. I thought your interview was so very good and you sounded so relaxed.

  2. Bev in reality I was pooping myself. So pleased I did it. Emma is amazing and put me at ease. I thought it would drag but I could have continued for ages.

  3. You are amazing!!!! Can't wait for my book to arrive!!!


  4. Oh, that picture of you in school, is the exact opposite of what you describe. You actually look very beautiful.
    And I often think it is fascinating to see an array of pictures across the times. Telling so many different stories.
    You should be so proud of what you have achieved, and wow what you are achieving now.
    You are more inspiring than I think you know <3
    Love you <3

  5. Love the many faces of Jackie! Each one made me smile. Hope that the interview went well - and if there is a way to listen to it online please link it to your site so those of us in the USA can listen, too! :)


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