Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Word of the Day. Day 12 and 13 Crowd & Perfect


My voice is not heard above the crowd,
I shout for help but the voice is too loud,
its all around me, I cannot breathe.
I am crushed by the oppression of the disease,

I look around, there's no one to see.
I panic, I just want to be free,
No crowds, just me but I cant escape,
Am I dreaming, will they be gone when I awake.


Many times during my eating disorder I felt almost crushed by the presence of my illness, as if I was being suffocated, but also isolated and not heard. I would be crowded by the negative thoughts, the insecurities, the lack of self esteem and still feel completely alone. But I am not alone.  I have a brilliant support network of loving family and friends who I know I can call on when needed.  I no longer feel suffocated, or crushed but can breathe deeply and exhale.

Perfectly Me

I'm going slightly grey, 
distinguished some may say.
With crows feet round my eyes,
and dimples on my chin..and thighs!!!
By boobs are going south,
I have a very big mouth,
I have stretch marks on my tum,
as a reminder of the birth of my Son.
My bottoms like a peach,
and my toes I can still reach.
My eyes are a wonderful shade of blue,
I'm perfectly me 
and you re perfectly you.


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