Friday, 29 June 2012

Word Of The Day. Day 27 Bliss

Bliss.....that moment when you throw your arms in the air, let out an enormous sigh of happiness and you're not actually sure why :)

Sheer Bliss

The touch of bath bombs as they fizz against your skin,
popping like candy, melting within,,
lingering scent caressing with steam,
in a marshmallow, bubbly, chocolaty dream.

Finding your parked car after Glastonbury,
The purr of my cat when hes sat on my knee,
Clean sheets on your bed when you get out the bath,
The feel of a hug and the sound of a laugh,

Not having to stress about what to eat,
Not living a life of lies and deceit,
not counting numbers or standing on scales,
loving yourself in spite of your ails.

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