Monday, 18 June 2012

Word Of The Day 9-10 logic. Emotional


Eat less, Move more, lose weight.
Lose weight, be skinny, be happy.
Be happy, be confident, be loved.
Eat less, lose weight, lose control.
Lose control, lose brain power, lose logic.
Think about it....
food is fuel, your body is a machine,
without fuel you stop!!

Back in the mid 80's when eating disorders were a little misunderstood and I had a 'slimmers disease,' nothing was explained to me.  I was given counselling, stayed in hospital, re-fed but had little understanding of my eating disorder.
It wasn't until my referral in 2010 to a specialist ED Nurse that things clicked in to place.  When I read the Minnesota starvation experiment I began to understand what in fact was happening to my brain and why I was feeling how I was. Also having a dietitian to explain about food groups, muscle/fat etc.I need to add though, that I had to get to the point where I wanted to recover myself for me and me alone.


Ugly, worthless, stupid.
Words hurt more than fists,
Give you something to cry about,
weakness, child, baby,

Beautiful, smile and hugs.
Words of reassurance,
arms wrapped around you,
tears of joy,
strength and maturity,

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