Friday, 29 June 2012

Word Of The Day. Day 26 Purpose

As I child growing up in the North East of England there were certain expectations put on me.  Male and Female roles were clearly defined within the Family, the Man was the breadwinner whilst the Woman looked after the children, cleaned the house, cooked  the dinner whilst also working to top up the family income.
There was the expectation that you would do well at school, go onto college, and furthermore get a career which the Family thought suitable.  You would meet a man, marry and have children, preferably in that order, living 'over the brush.' was out of the question. I did meet at least two of those expectations :)
I found my 'purpose' in life at around the age of 13. It was over the next few years that I became involved with the Girl Guides, the Church and the Duke Of Edinburgh Award, realising that my 'purpose,' was in fact to care for others and support those less able than myself. Since leaving college at the age of 18 I have supported adults and children with learning disabilities/Autism for 27 years.  I didn't reach the expectation of others to go to University, to obtain a degree and become a professional social worker, but I reached my expectations of having a successful and fulfilling career which I look forward to going to most days.

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  1. I can very much relate with looking forward to going to work most days. It's so satisfying when you enjoy your purpose!


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