Friday, 1 June 2012

day 31 Reflections

Think back/look back over the previous thirty days. How did you find this challenge? Did you find anything difficult? Were you pleasantly surprised in some way? Did you learn anything from your writing? Did you read other people’s blogs? Did you learn anything from others? If you could write one sentence to express what you want people to know most of all about eating disorders and recovery from this blog challenge what would it be? And why?

I started to write my blog in November of 2010 at the point when I had made the decision to recover from my eating disorder. I knew very little about blogging and had come across it by chance when I was trawling the Internet for recovery support.  I was gobsmacked at the information out there and was inspired by the bloggers who wrote it.  One blogger was a young lady called Keira who I would chat to online.  I was amazed not only by her achievements but also in the way she wrote. She had such passion but also gave sensible and logical advice.  I am happy to say that Keira is still on my facebook friends, one of only 2 that I kept from online forums.
my blog posts were never planned, they had no fixed agenda, If something came into my head I wrote about it.  I am not the greatest writer but was amazed when I could write poetry again after numerous years.  My blog posts helped me to get some perspective, they helped to relieve stress, anger, to deal with emotions. I can look back on them now and not recognise the person I was then.
The better I got the less posts I made but to be honest my blog was originally about my recovery so if I'm recovered is there any reason to continue writing?  I came to realise that i actually enjoy it and the HFC bloggers challenge has given it a purpose again.
I have found some days more difficult and i will admit that I may have taken the easy option at times, but for good reason. I have loved reading others posts and have been quite humbled by what others have written, how they have survived what they have gone through amazes me.  I have laughed and cried, and at times have found some stories a little too close to home, but do not regret any of it.
This challenge has lit a fire in me and given me a little spark.It has given me something to stand up for, and people to stand up for. 
It has made me realise that I was never alone, there people out there that could help, I just wish I had found some of them before I hit the bottom.

Recovery, its worth it. You are worth it.

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  1. Right on, Jackie, right on. :-) I hope you'll continue to use writing to heal and learn. Join the next challenge! It's more freestyle so maybe you'd feel more creative and in your normal style. I'd love to read more from you. :-)


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