Friday, 28 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Days 14 Warmth.

Christmas has been and gone and I am 2 weeks behind on the Blogging For Well being Advent Calendar!!!  The family have gone home to London, my friends are out for the afternoon so I thought I would grab a few hours to update at last.  

Day 14

In the cold of winter, with all the crazy weather,
in the fear of storms and the crowds of people in the streets -
who, what is keeping you warm, safe, loved -
what is making you feel content?
what brings you peace?

As I look outside the weather is still wet and miserable.  The rain doesn't seem to have stopped for weeks.  We have had it quite lucky in this part of the south west of England, those further down have been less fortunate being left with flood water, cars stranded and lives lost.
As I think back over the past few days I think about what has kept me warm and safe. My comfy fleecy cupcake onesie has certainly helped, along with the glowing fire and central heating.  The hot food in my stomach, and warming Baileys in the evening has kept me physically satisfied but what has kept me going emotionally is the warmth of those around me.
The love of a family and friends, the laughter of children and their smiles on Christmas morning. These are things you cant buy but memories I will cherish forever.  This year Christmas had its real meaning back again.
Love, friends and family.

What is worth living for, 
and what is worth dying for? 
The answer to each is the same. 
Only love." 
~ Don Juan deMarco ~

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