Monday, 31 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 22. Oh to be a kid again....

Oh to be a Kid again.......

Unleash your inner child
let him or her do a happy dance,
pull excited faces,
make snow angels
and scream its Christmas!

Wouldn't it be great to be a kid again? Lets forget the schoolwork, chores, scoldings, bullying, abuse and all the other crap that we may have been dealt as a child, lets relive the innocence and magic of Christmas.  The belief in something good and special.  The feeling of excitement when going to bed and not being able to sleep.  The moment when you sneak downstairs on Christmas morning and see the tree in all its splendour adorned with gifts.  The only day in the year you can eat chocolate at whatever time you like and not get told off!!
I got pretty close this year just by seeing the looks of joy on my nephew and nieces faces when Santa cam to visit and watching them rip off the wrapping paper from their gifts.  I was living Christmas through a child's eyes again.  I even played and sang along to Disney classics whilst cooking lunch.  I did try to blame my younger Sister for that though. :)

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  1. love this post! we all need to make room in our lives to be kids again sometimes. if even for a moment ; )


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