Saturday, 29 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 17. Santa :)

You and Santa
Share the memories
good, bad and ugly!

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six.
Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph!"
~ Shirley Temple ~

I have no memories as a child of visiting Santa or believing in Santa. I'm sure I did, but I'm just too old to remember!!
I do however have fond memories of my Son and Santa.
Apart from the real Santa, there is of cause his helper.  He would be taking up 'shop' in the centre of a shopping precinct, surrounded by cheaply wrapped boxes dumped in a sack labelled 'girls' and another for 'boys.'  The costume would consist of a felt suit, rather tired looking beard and wig, a bell which had lost its jingle and was more Doh than Ho!!  
Despite constant reminds to our young children not to talk to strangers we would then allow our little treasure to sit upon his knee and accept a gift.  If you were a girl you would receive a plastic doll, often naked with 'poseable' arms and legs, Boys would receive a car or toy gun.  I am glad to say some things have changed.
When my Son was around the age of 5 I came across one of Santas helpers in a store who did home visits. He was a little expensive but worth every penny.  We arranged for him to visit Christmas Eve and leaving the front door ajar he came in whilst Toby was getting ready for bed.
I wish I could have bottled the feeling I had when I saw Tobys face. It was magical.  The magic fizzles slowly when the Children stop believing and it all starts to become commercial
This year with the help of a friend I got that feeling back.  I have had my 3 small nieces and young nephew staying over the Xmas period all who still believe in Santa.  
My good friend Glyn did his Santa visit in an amazing outfit Xmas eve to 4 very surprised children. Kyser was so shocked he jumped straight onto my husbands lap and banged him in the unmentionables!!  Poor Kev.  It was the perfect start to a wonderful Christmas.

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