Sunday, 30 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 18. The School Play!!

Whether nativity at Christmas
or some other random play
tell us...

~ Flint Street Nativity Play ~

I was always a little shy at school,i was the mouse, the one who tried to be invisible and hide, the one who was always picked last for team games. Despite this I always loved the school dram production.  At primary school I was in the 'chorus,' This was usually where you were put if there wasn't a part for you and I could happily stand on a platform with everyone else belting out Christmas songs at the top of my voice.
Secondary school was where the productions became bigger and a lot more competitive.
The first I can remember was around the age of 11 doing a production of 'A Christmas Carol.'  I think I was only in one scene as a poor old woman dressed in rags!!
We were lucky at school to have an excellent music and Drama department along with a hexagonal drama theatre which we shared with the school next door.  I can remember the dressing rooms, the sound and lighting booth and the wonderful stage curtains.  Very state of the Art.
Our Christmas 'Musicals,' were directed by our Music teacher Mr Coffee and staff (can't remember names) from the Drama Dept. One which stands out for me was 'joseph and his Techni coloured Dream coat.'  I played an adoring girl, along with a friend and basically danced around Joseph whilst wearing togas.
Unfortunately for me my Toga consisted of an old bed sheet held together with a safety pin.  Half way through dress rehearsal I had a wardrobe malfunction which meant I was left exposing my undies to the rest of the cast!!!  
Could have been worse, I suppose I should be thankful It didn't happen on first night.

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