Monday, 10 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 5. Gifts.

"Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy - forgiveness.
To an opponent - tolerance.
To a friend - your heart.
To a customer - your service.
To all - charity.
To every child - a good example.
To yourself - respect."
~ Oren Arnold ~

Back in the day when I was a girl (ahem, a few years ago) Christmas gifts were very different to how they are now.
We had our Christmas stocking with a satsuma, nuts and sweets...with the threat of a lump of coal if we were naughty, which of course I never was.
One year all I wanted was a Sindy doll (much prettier than Barbie) and I had a readicut rug making kit!!  I tried so hard to look happy.  It took me a good 12 years to complete that damn rug!!!
Mum and dad would hide the presents around the house and one year mum hid them in the ottoman where she kept the clean towels.  We of course found them and by Xmas day had read our new Beano annuals from cover to cover!!  No fun to be had that Xmas day. Serves ourselves right for being so nosey.
I have always enjoyed buying gifts for others  and even as a child I remember saving up my 60p a week pocket money to buy things for my Parents at Xmas.
We had a gift shop locally that ran a Xmas club and I would pay so much each week to save up for Royal Doulton figures and jars which Mum loved. Dad would have another addition to his model car collection.  I now have all the things which myself and my Sisters bought Mum and Dad after they died :(
So what is the perfect gift? I'm the sort of person who if I want something I buy it. (if I have the money of course.)  So I try and buy gifts for people that they probably wouldn't buy for themselves. Something that shows that I thought of them, not needing to be expensive but bought with love.
I do have a tendency to go a bit bonkers at times and have to reign my Xmas shopping habit in!!
I'm sure that I don't get it right all the time, but I love trying.
So If you are in receipt of a pressie from me this year, just remember, I thought about it :)

Lovely faces receiving presents....

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