Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 4. Keep Calm Its Only Xmas

"But what minutes!
Count them by sensation and not by calendars,
and each moment is a day."
~ Benjamin Disraeli ~

Its that time of the year again when its rush, rush, rush.  Last pay day before Christmas, so many shopping days left.  Trying to find the time to shop, write cards, wrap presents, get to post-office, visit family, plan a menu, the food shopping, defrost the turkey, peel the sprouts, get up at 3am to baste the bird.....and breathe!!!!
Then there's the socialising. Fitting in the works Christmas party, the Hubby's Christmas party, Childrens nativity, make the nativity costume, buy a new outfit, get your hair cut, nails done, eye brows waxed, perfect shoes, matching bag....... 
Where does the time go?
OK that seemingly endless list may be an exaggeration but its a true reflection of many households, but why?  Its not as if Christmas has jumped up and slapped us all  in the face, we know it happens at the same time every year.  We all have busy lives, trying to balance our work and personal lives, maybe were trying to do to much, trying to please others rather than be mindful of what we actually need.
Before we know it next year will be here along with the massive credit card bills.....

Take some time for yourself, sit, chill, who gives a flying fig if the sprouts are soggy, no one likes them anyway! 

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  1. this made me smile - partly because its funny in itself - partly because the madness you described is half my life right now! :-) xxx


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