Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Advent Calendar. Day 11. And breathe.....

What do you have to help you cope?
to remind you to care for you?
to help you to keep pushing forward?
what keeps you safe and warm?

As I write this post I am aware it is Dec 19th and I am in fact 8 days behind!!!  
I look around me and I see ironing that is piled up waiting to be done, Xmas presents that still need to be wrapped, a spare room awaiting visitors that hasn't been tidied, a shopping list that hasn't been written!!
My mother-in-law needs her medication ordered, I haven't bought a raffle prize for the skittles match tomorrow evening, if I don't get back in time from bathing the Mother-In-Law tomorrow I may not even make the skittles match!!!  I need to call the GP tomorrow whilst I am at work to speak about Mum In Law, cant do it in my lunch break as I'm working through so I can go home early in order to do the bathing!!!!! Its only 5 days until Xmas and only 3 days until my Sister and her 4 children come to stay.
I have a hideous cold, feel like utter shite, am anxious, stressed and could scream!!!
So today's topic is 'What do you have to help you cope, to remind you to care for you.? As I sit here with a very large glass of white, my initial response should be wine........ what I do is try and put things into perspective and prioritise. I need to learn to ask for help and really mean it when I do ask.  Maybe that way I will get the response I need and the response that takes just a little off my shoulders.
Until then i will have my wine, the ironing may end up hidden in a cupboard until the visitors have gone but that's OK.

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