Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 6 Doctor Doctor!!

Write a letter to a medical professional (general or mental health) or write an advert for a medical professional. What do you need from them? What don’t you need from them? What matters to you? Use your own experiences if you feel able to do so.

Dear Doctor,

please check my medical history before I see you, that way you would realise that my eating disorder has been an ongoing issue for 18 years.
The fact that I have made a decision to come and see you means that I would like some help.  I actually need that help NOW not in 16 weeks time when I may be a priority on a waiting list.
Do not tell me my weight is too high to warrant help, i can easily lose more to get help quicker.
If you do not know about eating disorders that's OK, but either find out or put me in touch with someone who does.
Please do not call my eating disorder my little 'problem.'
Please be aware that what I am doing to my body will have physical consequences so I may need regular checks on my bloods as requested to do by the nurse.
Do not tell me I do not need a bone density scan as I have not broken a bone, then don't even apologise when I find out I have osteoporosis.

Dear Counsellor,

I'm sure that having an eating disorder has given you empathy but I do not need to know that, I also do not need you to refer back to yourself either.
I can see the pain in your eyes at times and that stops me from being honest with you.
I do not need to be patronised when I fulfilled part of my contract.
The medical team weigh me, why do you need to do this as well. I did not have scales at home, you knew this and still put me through the weekly trauma.

Dear Occupational health Worker,

After telling you what I eat on a daily basis I do not expect you to tell my boss!!!
I do not need any tips from when you worked in a unit on how to hide food thank you!
I feel bad enough about not being able to continue at work, calling me at home and saying that I must be disappointed in myself was not encouraging.

Dear Eating Disorders Nurse,

Thank you for being honest and encouraging.  You gave me information which was factual without scaremongering.
You were genuinly pleased when I made progress and I felt this.  You treated me with respect and dignity and as a person not a disorder. 

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