Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 7 Forgotten Brothers

Today think about men who suffer from eating disorders. Either write from your experiences as a male ED suffer, from the point of view of a friend of a man suffering an ED or else imagine how the experience of an eating disorder and of recovery is different for men.

I know of a few men who have had eating disorders but have not spoken to them about it directly.  Generally when we talk about eating disorders what springs to mind or what is publicised is Anorexia and usually in young girls. All other eating disorders, Bulimia, Binge eating disorder, ednos are not in the public eye and are certainly not glamorised as Anorexia is. It is not until you see stories in trashy mags 'outing' certain male pop stars/actors as having an eating disorder that you may even give it a second thought.
So on writing this part of the challenge I can only guess on what it feels like to be male and have a  eating disorder. Here goes.......

I'm a boy, soon to be a man.  How scary is that?  All my friends are growing at different rates, comparing with each other, how I hate the showers after sports.  In fact, I hate sports altogether.
I'm supposed to be macho, be strong, but I'm not like the others in my class.  I have no muscles, no six pack, no pecs, just a layer of puppy fat covering my masculinity. I'm scared of growing up, can someone stop this. God I hate my life.
Everything is just too tough, exams, study, lose weight, get fit, be a man, man up, don't show your emotions, stop acting like a girl.
I can be in control, I can fix this, I can make myself feel good.  But.....I feel ill, I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore, who do I talk too.  My friends will laugh and tease, they will call me gay and a girl again.  My dad wont understand and Mum will just worry.  I'm on my own.......

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