Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 1. I write about eating Disorders because

Reflect on the reasons you choose to write about eating disorders? Where does that passion come from? What do you hope to achieve? What does it give to you? What do you hope it gives to others?

Tuesday 1st May.
I write about eating disorders because......

I started writing my blog originally when I made the decision to recover. Up until this time my anorexia was something that wasn't discussed with anyone unless I was paying you to listen to me or you were a very close friend and someone I trusted. It wasn't until I started looking through websites and other blogs that a realised there was almost a community of like minded people. People like me who wanted recovery and needed support. There were also people who couldn't see a way out of the darkness and despair and found comfort knowing there was a way out, at some point that person was me.
Thee has always been a stigma associated with mental illness and eating disorders can be misunderstood and seem to be a self inflicted illness. I am well used to the usual, why don't you just eat, why are you doing this to us statements.
I am not a great writer, I am not particularly articulate but I am passionate about recovery and how wonderful life is. I write to help people understand, to show others they are not alone and they are worth it, to have a voice for an illness which can be silent and to keep myself motivated and on the right path.

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