Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 27 I cant believe that I

We often have very low expectations of ourselves. Think back over your life and consider the times when you achieved, survived, overcame situations you never thought you could. How did you feel when you were struggling? Why is it surprising you did/survived/coped with that? How did it feel to come through? How does it feel now looking 
back over those times?

I cant believe that I..
as still a child in a woman's body I moved 300 miles away from my friends and family,
I cant believe that I..
Trusted him!
I cant believe that I..
Trusted her!
I cant believe that I..
Hurt myself.

I cant believe that I..
Grew up
found a job that I loved and was good at. Found friends and people I cared for.
Had a relationship that was based on love and respect and stuck at it.
Became a Mother.
Fought for what I wanted and won.
Am loved for who I am.
Kicked an eating disorder.
Am still alive.

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  1. You may or maynot believe this YET but you are a loving, beautiful and precious person who is inspiring and encouraging to more people than you know. And you will believe this - if not today then someday xxx


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