Monday, 7 May 2012

look no crutch :)

I'm a bit slow coming back on my hip update but have been busy with the Hungry for change 31day blogger challenge. To be honest I would hope that is more informative and has more of a purpose than my orthopaedic problems, I know it has been challenging but enlightening for me.
If you get a chance have a look at the hungry for change facebook page, and check out the other bloggers.  They are really good.!/hungryforchange

Well I waited as promised for a call from the hospital last Wednesday as promised. And I waited, and waited and waited, until I could wait no longer so I phoned them.  After several attempts to put me through to the right department I eventually managed to speak to the physio. The conversation went a little like this..
Physio:  the Dr has looked at your xray and is happy with it...
Me: OK
Physio:you can now fully weight bear.
Me: Fully? With or without crutches?
Physio: Without.
Me: So I just walk?
Physio: Yes! If you feel happier you can use one crutch, see you in clinic in 3 months, we will send you an appointment for physio.

Well, I was slightly shell shocked, very scared, and really unsure what to do.
So I tried to put down my crutches and walk. Not a chance!!  I tried with one crutch but was unsure of which side to use the crutch. After several attempts and a forerunner in the ministry of funny walks competition I worked out that the crutch needs to be on the right side!
Now 5 days on I can hobble around the house crutchless!! Get in and out of the bath without using the bath seat, go up the stairs without a crutch but need one to come down.  I have walked up and down my street, to the pub, twice using one crutch but managed to scrounge a lift home.  I do have a habit of trying to run before I can walk and did suffer badly with severe pains one night, lesson learned I think.
Things are looking good, the only downside is that I can now push a hoover, make my own coffee and carry it, cook the tea and walk to the shops. Oh well, being waited on was good whilst it lasted. :)

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