Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 8 A picture is worth a thousand words

Choose a picture (non-triggering) that speaks to you with regards to the experience of an eating disorder and/or recovery. Write in any way you choose about what it means to you and why and what lessons can be learned from that. You don’t have to write a thousand words, but if you would like to – feel free!

For the most part my eating disorder has been a lonely existence.  By that I do not mean that I have been on my own as I  haven't. I have always had the support from friends and family but despite this I have felt lonely.  It is not an illness you can openly discuss for fear of rejection or being judged.  I was ashamed and disgusted by the person I had become. I had lost my character, my zest for life, my ambition and fight. At times recovery seemed so near yet so far, but I couldn't just reach out and grab it. So this picture represents the periods in my life with an eating disorder.

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