Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 5 Body appreciation day

Whether you have body image issues or not, eating disorders attack the body. Write today, whether poetry, list, stream of consciousness or whatever way you choose about what you appreciate your body for, what parts of your body you treasure most and why.

I have done a 'dear body,' in the past which was a little more superficial than this challenge. It is quite easy to reel off a list of what I dislike about my body or even like about my body, as in that which i can see in the mirror. To delve a little deeper is more difficult.
The past 6 weeks have given me a lot too be thankful for.  To become immobile is a difficult thing to adjust to so i think I should put at the top of my list the part of my body I treasure is my legs :)

My legs..
I underestimated my legs and the Independence they give us.  Now I have reduced down to one crutch to be able to walk without relying on someone else is amazing.  I can now make choices for myself, do something when I want to. I can visit my friends, go to the  pub, hoover if I feel the need.

My heart, my liver, kidneys, and all other internal organs that have worked bloody hard to keep me alive epecially during the times I have abused my body with too little food or too much alcohol.

Arms are great for hugging.
Lips are great for kissing.
I wish my brain would work a little better today, its a bit fuzzy, hence I cannot think of anything else to write. Epic challenge fail!!

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