Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 3 Create A Mascot

Wednesday May 3rd- Blogger Challenge

I would think as a mascot a little like a good luck charm, something to focus positivity on, something to refer to or look back on when things are getting tough.
Quite funny that when I got up this morning and saw the challenge I could feel something under my foot.  It was a tiny silver dragonfly that was on my bedroom carpet.  It had come of a bracelet I had bought from eBay about 18months ago which symbolised ed recovery.  It was quite flimsy and had broken one day, with the red beads going into the bin I thought the dragonfly had flown off into the abyss!!

I had my first tattoo about 18 years ago and have had 5 more since then. Most have represented a person or a part of my life.  The roadrunner on my left shoulder I had on my late Fathers 70th Birthday as it was his favourite cartoon character.  The rose on my chest I had after the separation from my first husband, the cupcake on my right shoulder was to signify the 'cupcake queen' and my journey into recovery.  The tattoo I have on my stomach was probably the most impulsive and was done in November 2010 when I had reached a low point with my eating disorder and had made a conscious decision to recover.  It is a reminder of the pain that anorexia has caused to myself and those around me and also a reminder of what I have achieved and the strength that I have. Excuse the picture quality it was taken straight after .

I had a bracelet which I wore throughout my illness, I bought if from Neda. well a friend in America bought it on before of me and posted it as it was not available in the UK.  It was silver with a denim strap.  It had the engraving,'be comfortable in your own genes' on it.  I would look at it throughout the day and focus on why I was trying to get better, it was a comfort and reminder of how individual I was.
When I began to recover and indeed was comfortable in my genes, I passed the bracelet onto a friend who  I would like to say it gave her some focus or comfort. I feel sad that she is still struggling and hope she is still reading my blog :(


  1. i love the cupcake tattoo : )
    i am obsessed with cupcakes, especially now that i am in recovery.

    i love all of your mascots, because different things can get us through different times in our lives and they are all so important.

  2. this is so lovely and I think you're right - we draw strength from different symbols and cues in recovery. Im like you with tattoos - unfortunately I have one which reminds me of being unwell 'quod me nutrit me destruit ' but otherwise I have a lotus flower, unicorn, angel and cross and when i look at them i feel encouraged, strengthened, reminded of my capabiities and the hope that lies in recovery xxx


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