Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 30 Someday I....

write a ‘someday list’. You can share a list you have written in the past if you wish, or it can be a list you write with regards to what you hope for in the future. Do checkout the trailer for Someday Melissa on the website above for inspiration for this blog challenge and to take a sneak peek into the new DVD.

In the words of a Blue Peter Presenter, 'Heres one I made earlier.'
This is my Wish List from February 2011

My wish list

To eat from the same size plate as the rest of my family.

To eat takeaway without having to have consumed far too much alcohol beforehand!!! With the exception of kebab, you can not eat one of those sober!

Reduce my alcohol consumption, I do not need it to be confident, funny or enjoy myself.

To choose items from the supermarket because I want them, not because of the fat or calorie content.

stop being critical of the way I look, to embrace my curves (when they get here)

Not feel guilty/bad/unworthy when I have something I would otherwise deemed as unsafe food.

Not to have safe/unsafe foods.

Eat at a restaurant without needing to see a menu beforehand.

Not be ruled by numbers, be it on a scale, a calorie, a clothing size.

And Im very proud to say that my 'someday' came and stayed.

My future  Someday......
I will learn to drive and actually get past doing a three point turn, not hit a tree, or a dog on the beach and get put forward to my test.

I will finish a project. Look, Im nearly here, only one more day to go. Ok I may be 5 days late but Ive done it.

I will be confident enough to just be me.

I will get Gary Law back on his double bass and sing Peggy Lees 'Fever,' at the Ritz Acoustic Club.

I will stop over analysing situations and see them as they are.

I will stop blaming myself for things that have been out of my control

I will finish the ironing!!

I will forgive and stop blaming myself


  1. Someday
    I will forgive and stop blaming myself

    you deserve to be free
    and um this is controversial but I have to tell you honey - to my knowledge no woman ever saw the bottom of the ironing basket! :-P

    Youre awesome for doing this xxx


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