Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Excuses...I'm full of them, and over the past few days I thought of everyone of them to make what I think and do ok.
The meals are becoming less frequent, the calorific content is smaller and the excuses in my head are telling me its ok. 
Did I really need to cancel my dietician appointment today as I felt a cold coming on?  No...I could have gone but I was more concerned about having to be honest about how I hadn't stuck to everything I agreed to.
Maybe I should have told her how I was feeling uncomfortable at the size I am now, how I am trying to restrict my diet in order to keep at the weight I am and not gain, how I am feeling anxious although things in my life are going well, how today I had an intense need to weigh myself  in the hope that what the numbers said would lift my mood.  I know this is just a blip, a small hurdle I can jump over without landing face down in an apple pie!!
Maybe I should have kept my appointment...... definitely next time.

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