Saturday, 8 January 2011

You too could look like this...with an airbrush.

After weeks of unadulterated commercials for food and drink, urging us to over indulge and to drink 'in moderation!'we now have the plague of fitness and diet regimes.  Bum and Tums, Slimming world, Jenny Craig (who I would like to slap with a wet fish) and every celebrity has -been seems to be bringing out their own fitness DVD.  Granted, you may need to get a little more healthy, to take more exercise but do not be fooled by what you see.
I bought a couple of magazines yesterday and nearly every page had some diet or some celebrity telling you how they achieved their 'perfect' body.  Now the only way I could achieve that body is not through following their diet or exercise regime but with some clever airbrushing,digital enhancement or maybe a bit of the old nip 'n' tuck!!
 I have a multitude of exercise equipment gathering dust in my loft, usually purchased in the new year in a bid for the perfect body.
I have a wheel which supposedly will give me a flatter tum, a step machine which if I don't get my balance right fall off, and a wonderful device comprising of rubber straps and handles which invariably snap back and hit me in the face whilst attempting sit ups!!  Not for me.
I detest Gyms. I have lost several pounds  by joining a gym...monetary pounds, and gained a compulsion to the calorie counters on treadmills.  Therefore Gym and I are no longer an item.
My exercise of choice is walking, I love to walk, Ipod in ears taking in the lovely views from the sea front.
In the past few years I have completed the Playtex moonwalk (half marathon) and a couple of  race for life.
My pace has had to slow down slightly due to hip problems (getting older) but I am looking forward to being involved with some fundraising this year for the Somerset and Wessex eating disorders association.  I really could do with a walking buddy if anyone close to me would like to offer. :)
Best foot forward, be back soon.
P.S  whilst surveying my newly rounded figure in my full length mirror today and being slightly self critical, the following tracks came on my Ipod...

Hows that for a reality check......

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