Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just a quicky!!!

Well that got your attention.....
This morning started with a mixture of excitement, apprehension and nervousness.  Up early, bubble bath, compulsory coffee and ciggy (ok, one day I will give up) 2 different outfits later and off I go, as if I had never been away.
Yes things have changed at work over the past few months, same staff, same clients but a different structure to my day, routines and structure is something which at the moment I need.
Took a little while to settle in but If I'm honest that was mostly down to my insecurities and nothing else.
Guess what?  No one asked me awkward questions, no one watched what I was eating and no one looked at me ,like I had 3 heads.
 The work was fine,although I found not being able to plough straight in a bit frustrating.  I struggled with the social niceties, the chit-chat, the small talk...which is unlike me but I'm sure give it a week or so and they wont be able to shut me up!!!
Tomorrow I get to do it all over again and it can only get easier day by day.

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