Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Stuff and Nonsense

Today I  have decided to look at all the things that are me, the person that I am and ultimately what makes me tick.
I hope some of it may make you smile.

My favourite words, real or otherwise!
Stuff, nonsense, gorgeousness, petal, bubble, pretty and bollocks.  One day I shall attempt to use them in one sentence.

My least favourite words.
Scrotum, crusty, darling,odour. (My darling your crusty scrotum is dispelling an odour)  May I add, I have never needed to say that!!!!!

My favourite smells.
Coriander, Lillie's, Vanilla, Jasmine, fresh bread, fresh laid tar, cut grass.

My least favourite smells.
Fish, petrol, TCP, blue cheese, rubber gloves.

Things I'm scared of.
Spiders, heights, walking over bridges with water underneath, flying, dying, getting old, becoming fat.

Things that make me go Oooh...
Babies, puppies, kittens, lambs, anything soft and cuddly or chocolaty and gooey.

Things that make me smile.
Other people smiling at me....its contagious. Bad karaoke. Giving people gifts.  Snow.  My husband, son and friends.

Things that make me cry.
Death,  Upsetting others.  Pain..physical and emotional.  Seeing those close to me upset. When the X-factor contestants go home to their families (Sad..I know)

Bad Habits!!!!
Farting...I am Mrs methane.  I'm sure I have plenty more but my Husband is just too lovely to tell me.

Reasons for recovery.....the most important one.
To live, be healthy, to not be controlled by food or my thoughts, to enjoy my social life, to be like everyone else, to remain at work, to be proud of myself and my friends and family to be proud of me.

Reasons not to recover...NONE.

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  1. I like how you came up with good AND bad things, not dwelling on the negative. Yay for you!


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