Sunday, 9 January 2011

2 Blogs in one day!!!

Had an invite this evening to a friends Birthday meal which I accepted.  I only knew the Birthday girl which in itself, meal aside I knew would be a challenge.   Anyway, started the routine of a night out, candles in the bathroom, music, bath bomb from lush and compulsory glass of vino!
Got into glad rags and off I go...
Get near to the Indian restuarant and think about turning on my heels and go home..but NO!! be brave and venture into the unknown.
Eating in front of others is a challenge so bring it on.
Waiter: Sorry we are not doing starters, only main course.....aaahhhhh  I ask nicely for mixed tandoori kebab starter as a main and he obliges...with chick pea vegetable side.
Brings main course of chicken tandoori starter!!!  Never mind, tuck in and don't complain.
Nice man next to me  comments, 'are you on a diet?' Oh Bollocks, Ive been sussed, I don't want to stand out, I want to be like everyone else.  But you have only had chicken and beans he says...yep, that's what I like.
I have tried so hard tonight, I don't want to be different, I want to be like everyone else.  I knew this guy from years ago and he commented on my weight loss...bugger.
Thank you to the lovely Kate for inviting me, for not treating me any different to anyone else.
I did have bagel and cream cheese when I got home and was comfortable with eating it, never mind, walk before you can run.

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