Monday, 10 January 2011

One step further :)

Weigh day today!!  My monthly trip to the E.D nurse to discuss how things are going and to jump on the dreaded scales.  All positive I am pleased to say, a small weight gain which I was able to cope with and a general feeling of being on top of things.
I was a little scared as I seriously expected to tip the scales at least 5 pounds more than I had gained, but it was explained to me that regular eating will speed up my metabolism and I will burn more off.  Good to know that my Hot chocolate and baileys is not going to turn my arse into the back of a bus!!!!
Now on to more serious stuff.....lunchboxes. Ladies, behave, not that sort of lunch-box!!
Back to work tomorrow and need to organise myself.  Have always found lunchtime choices difficult, how am I supposed to know what I fancy for lunch tomorrow, now?  Went for the healthy option, cup a soup, banana (slow release) apricots, blueberries, granola (thank you Deb), yoghurt and a sachet of hot chocolate. This along with my drink supplement should keep me fuelled for the working day.
All I need to do now is get up in time and remember to take my lunch out of the fridge!
Wish me luck....

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