Saturday, 1 January 2011

Out with the old and in with the new.

What a night!!!
Its been a long time since I have come home in the morning wearing a long dress, hair sticking up and eyes like pandas.  All signs of a good night out.
 We spent the evening with friends first at a lovely Italian restaurant, then karaoke and finished off the evening drinking champagne in a hot tub.
The meal was one of the challenges I had previously set myself and what a challenge.  I made sensible meal choices which was no different to anyone else around the table.  I would like to say it was easy but it wasn't.  It was a struggle, firstly to physically manage the meal and secondly coping with the feelings of paranoia eating in front of others.  These are things which I will face as a daily challenge but will get easier.
Surprisingly this morning, suffering dreadfully after far too much fizz I cooked bacon and eggs for my Husband and ate some.  It was lush.  After eliminating so many foods from my diet it is such an experience to eat them again, and what an experience it was.  I felt ok afterwards, not stressed, not guilty and not fat.
I cant guarantee I will have something later  but I will certainly put my mind to it, eating when not hungry is no easy task.
Most years I would make a resolution, and generally break it in the first week!!  This year will be different.
I will try to treat myself with the respect I deserve, give my body the nourishment and care it needs and cherish all those close to me who have been my rock.
Happy New Year to all of you, may you be healthy and happy. xxx

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