Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The F Word!

The F word!!!  Not to be spoken about as will no doubt send alarms bells ringing, cause undue concern or have people telling me I'm being silly....I wont talk about it but I will write it down, no comments needed!
FAT!!!  Flabby, floppy,f*****g fat.
Why is it that when you gain weight it sits on one place? Does it settle on my boobies, plumping them up like downy pillows?  Does it rest on my bottom and turn it into delectable peach? NO, it hits me right where it hurts the most, slap bang in the middle on my belly.
I was forewarned about this and I do know it wont be forever but trying to adjust is hell.
I wiggle it, I poke it, look in the mirror, breathe in.....hold, and out again.
I was told that after periods of semi-starvation the weight will go onto the stomach first in order to protect the internal organs. Makes sense.
 I know that we need a certain amount of body fat and I do not need to lose this from my stomach I need to lose the bad self-image.
Easier said than done, but I will strive on, will continue with regular meals and try some exercises that will hopefully help with future redistribution!!!

PS. Second week back at work and all is well. :)


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