Monday, 3 January 2011


Well the decorations are down and things are back to normal.  Ventured into the loft and that is no mean feat I can tell you!!  Had a small tantrum as I couldn't find my abdominal exerciser.  If my body is going to change shape  I will make it look the best I can and zapping my muscles with electrical pulses seems an easier option than sit ups.  Found my dusty rusty step-up machine which is now sitting in the lounge corner waiting to be stamped upon.
Made an impulsive decision to ask Hubby to take me out to dinner then sat for ages swinging between go out, cook jacket potato, go out or cook jacket potato?  Decided on the going out option.  Arrived at pub and typical they are no longer serving food!!  Threw me totally off track so we ventured on up town stopping at every hostillery on the way as it would be rude not to. :)
After several pints of the black stuff (think of the iron)  We fell into the kebab shop and came out with a special mixed kebab. It was not so special I have to say....followed it with several maltesers, Christmas cake with baileys coffee and slumped not so comfortably into my primark special fleecy frog sleep suit.
Staying in just wasn't to be as after several phone calls I went to the local pub for karaoke (not still wearing frog suit)
Went to bed after midnight feeling bloated and full....I swear the kebab was just sitting there, reminding me constantly, egging me on but It stayed put. i had stomach ache, indigestion, heartburn the lot.  Bad choices.
 Today I will be sensible with my food choices.  What I ate yesterday would have been ok for most people but for me I may just have well eaten a whole cow!!
I may think that I have consumed 3 days calories in one evening but I have to be realistic and carry on today with 3 meals; maybe 2 as I didn't get up early enough for 3.
Appointment with the Occupational Health tomorrow to discuss my return to work the week after, I can't wait....keep you posted.

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  1. ya favourite queen ;) x3 January 2011 at 15:24

    Eeee yay for going back to work, love you Mrs T x


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