Saturday, 9 February 2013

Today I Am Proud.

Today I am proud.....
Proud that I have a voice,
Proud that I spoke up,
Proud that I didn't give in,
Didn't listen,
Stopped punishing.
Today I am proud.
Proud to have belief in myself,
And others,
Proud to be living,
And loving.
Today I am proud.
Proud to be able to forgive myself,
And others, for no-one is perfect,
Least of all me.....
Proud that I am enough,
And I can just be,


  1. You are so wonderful. And you should be proud! You derserve to be proud dear Jackie.

    By the way CONGRATULATIONS on completing your book!! I cannot wait to read it!Your words always warm my heart - it's a gift you have.

    Sending LOVE xo

  2. Amen ^^^^
    I think you are so totally amazing and inspiring and just wow.
    Bless to have you <3


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