Monday, 18 February 2013

Growing Old Disgracefully.

The wonderful Body Gossip today released their new film entitled 'Ageing Gracefully.' Once again the team have got it so right with their mixture of witty humour and stark reality whilst questioning,'whats so bad about looking our age?'  I have no idea If I look my age! I am well aware of the fact that most of the time I feel a lot older and act a lot younger. Getting older appearance wise has never really bothered me. I need to look after my bones due to early menopause after a hysterectomy and subsequently having osteoporosis. I have had my share of varicose veins stripping, constantly forget things and have recently had a major hip operation' all before the age of 45!!! I would love to think that when I'm in my 70's there will be nothing left to go wrong!! 
I can hope....

Growing Old Disgracefully

At the age of Ten,
I would stuff socks in a bra,
Wear lipstick like my Mum,
And dream of going far.

At the age of Fifteen,
I still stuffed my bra with socks!!
Tried to look nineteen,
Hid scars from chicken pox.

At eighteen the milestone age,
Starvation made me young again,
I shackled myself into a cage,
And tried to take away my pain.

At the age of twenty one,
My hair was pink, and red and blue
I was a different woman every week,
With a fetish for Doc Martin Shoes.

At the age of twenty four,
I gave birth to my Son,
I couldn't ask for any more,
I didn't, he was my only one!

At the age of twenty five,
I was looking knackered,
I had suitcases under my eyes,
And everything was sagging.

At the age of thirty one,
My body told a tale,
Of desperation, hurt despair,
Tied to a bathroom scale.

When I reached the big 4-0
My laughter lines had turned to trenches,
My boobies you could almost throw,
Or rest on park benches!!

The demon came back at forty three,
No way was this going to win,
I beat it back, I guarantee,
No longer will it get under my skin.

By the time I got to forty five,
Every thing's heading down south,
My hips hurt when I try to jive,
My teeth are evicting my mouth.

So now I'm nearly forty six,
I've lived and learned  the hard way,
I'm going to grow old disgraceful.
But I'm going to do it my way.

'Age is all in the mind,' they say,
So today I still feel twenty one,
So to keep the grim reaper at bay,
I'll stay healthy, be happy and have fun.


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  1. Hehehe I giggled all the way through that and then the picture to boot. I love reading your stuff and I know I don't always post, comment, keep up, it doesn't ever steal the huge degree of respect I have for you <3


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