Monday, 11 February 2013


EDAW 2012

This video from beat says it all really. Everybody knows somebody, and you may not even realise.
Eating Disorders are not all about what is noticeable on the outside. It is a severe life threatening mental illness which needs support. Unfortunately the media can get on the Anorexia band wagon  and leave the lesser know ED behind. Sufferers with ednos, bulimia, binge eating disorder can feel unworthy of help as they don't look ill......  how tragic is that?  A friend of mine recently wrote about self harm and suicide on her blog as it is so closely linked with eating disorders. Her words I wish I had hear when I felt darkness and despair.  I was a lucky one, others have not been so lucky.
It astounds me that for such a widespread illness there is so much stigma and ignorance still!!
Over the years I have had many comments about my illness.  I was accused of taking up a worthwhile bed in a hospital, called a stupid little girl by a Nurse, asked if I died how would I pay my catalogue bill (from a friend!) told I look like a Cambodian and even my Dr called it my 'little problem.' When the hell will mental illness be given the same regard as a physical illness.
Know one can know how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what pain and desperation you feel on a daily basis or how dark your life is. 
So when you meet that 'somebody' please remember this. They are a person, a person with feelings, a person who needs love, support and compassion.  I was a 'Somebody'.......

My book 'The Cupcake Queen Bites back.' is available on and
All proceeds go to a local ED charity. Thank you.

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