Thursday, 7 February 2013

An ear to listen, a hand to hold, a heart breaking.

Eating Disorders Awareness

Support is not just a lifeline to the person with an eating disorder, but also to those closest to them.
When you are in the depths of despair and totally drowning in your eating disorder, the effect you are having on your Family/Friend couldn't be further from your mind. Please don't think they are being selfish or cruel.... this is the eating disorder that is making them behave in this way, they are not intentionally trying to hurt or blame.
I think back to when my Son had been ill in the past and as a parent you would do anything just to take their pain and suffering away. To be faced with something totally out of your control which a pill won't fix must fell a million times worse.
I went to support group last night.  In a way I go to touch base, keep myself in check but ultimately I go to support others.  Over the years I have seen people come and go and often wonder what happened to them, inside I am praying that they found freedom in a positive way.
The emotions and honesty coming from one group of people are inspiring,but  I can feel what they are feeling as I have felt it before and it can cut deep. I just want to reach out, hug each and every one of them and tell them 'It will be OK,' I want to make it all better, fix it with a sticky plaster and a kiss, but I know that's not going to happen.
For now it will have to be an ear to listen, a hand to hold and a glimmer of hope.

You can find other posts regarding support here.
For support in the UK contact beat
South West England  sweda
USA neda

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