Saturday, 4 January 2014

January 4th. Rebel With A Cause.

Remember the good old school days?  Disobeying the rules, two strikes then out!!! Even worse, Miss writing your name on the blackboard!!! Thankfully I never got as far as that so didn't find out what happened after your name was chalked down and subsequently rubbed out!
Facebook groups at times feel a bit like being back at school.
Now don't get me wrong, I know rules are there for reason.  I am a member of several groups both within the blogging and eating disorders community, and particularly within the ED groups there is a general rule regarding posting photos, weights, medical information etc due to the triggering risk to its members.
I also realise that there are a lot of trolls and spammers on the Internet. People who use groups productively do not want their news-feed blocked with advertising for their latest venture or sales material. 
More often than not I would say that group members I have come across are respectful of rules but sometimes errors are made.
Group threads can be confusing. Dependent on how you are accessing the information you may miss a pinned post. Newer postings bump back to the top causing a shift in the me a headache just thinking about it!
You may well comment on more posts than are suggested  in the chain rules!!!! Isn't that what blogs are about? Finding a common interest, starting a discussion, sharing. You may even post more than a thumbnail, buts its not the end of the world.  Just remember there are ways of telling people they have made mistake. Don't write their name on the board or make them stand up in class so everyone can see, that's just not nice!!!
Back to the school days.  I always wanted to write something I shouldn't within the content of an essay, just to see if 'Sir' actually read it and commented.  Of course I never did... too scared of the repercussions.
I wonder if the person I am talking about today will read and recognise this and maybe think about the way she approaches people?  I haven't been banned off a group since the day I spammed Abbercrombie and Fitch with pictures of Body Gossip T-shirts!!  Lets hope not.
See you all tomorrow xx


  1. I also dislike when facebook groups publicly "call out" offenders . . . especially when the rules are not clear or the person is new.

  2. I know this isn't the main point, but I LOVE that you spammed Abercrombie & Fitch! That company makes my heart hurt.

    Anyway, I think I know who/what you're talking about with the main part of this post--although I may be totally wrong--and I also generally agree with your points. It's good to be sensitive about how people may feel.

  3. It is funny that you write this today as this happened to me on the first day of a challenge I have been participating in. My facebook name is posted out there for everyone to see and it appears as though I was not following the rules and didn't post to someone's blog but in actuality when she posted my information out there I was actually reading her blog and watching some videos that she had posted. Trying to take a real interest in her blog and then she zings me for all the group to see.


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