Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January 1st. Putting things into perspective.

January 1st 2014.  Today is the first day of a new year which brings with it 365 blog posts, 365 photographs, a dry January ( in alcohol not weather!) and yet again another attempt to give up smoking.
 For those of you who think I have still given up, yes I failed. I managed for about 8 months and stupidly thought it ok to just have one, then another, then another. Pretty stupid really when you think about it.
My longest period of giving up was 6 years after my Dad was really ill following years of strokes.  Not only did I not want to end up with heart disease like my Father but it was the aftermath of the illness. My Mothers life came crashing down and her role changed from Wife and Lover to carer. Their twilight years of retirement which should have been spent enjoying each other were replaced with mood swings, anger, resentment, illness, sadness and tears.
Both of my Parents passed years before their time, maybe if they had listened to their Doctors advice, their Family and their bodies things may have been so different.  Sadly I shall never know.
Recent events have shown me that illness can happen at any time, to anyone and its a scary thought.
It makes you think about your own mortality, the people you love and if you have a chance to do something about it you should.
So I am getting rid of all the bullshit of why I can't do something, and instead telling myself why I should and how I can.  Starting with today and the Cancer Research Dryathlon I shall be giving up the booze throughout January, and maybe longer. 
I am giving up the fags for myself, my family and friends.
Anybody fancy joining me?

P.S...  My first picture of the year. This is why I am not setting foot outside the door!!


  1. Okay, will join you (although I gave up smoking 21 years ago)!

  2. I found your post through the UBC and as I was scrolling through looking at people's blog names I found yours to be very interesting. Your first post is AMAZING! I too am a smoker and there are times that I think I need to give it up, I have attempted to several times but it always seems to call my name. I wish you the best of luck on your no drinking and are a stronger woman than I am! I will be following your blog and look forward to reading your other posts!

  3. I think this is a great way to honor both your parents and yourself. Best of luck for the new year!


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