Wednesday, 15 January 2014

January 15th. My A to Z. The letter M

My A to Z.
The Letter M

It was last weekend whilst tidying and re-labelling my blog I stumbled across my A to Z.  How on earth had I forgotten about this?  So as it hasn't been updated since 2011 I shall endevour to complete it during my post a day in 2014.
Hope you enjoy.

Mother.... Mum, Mom or as they say 'Up North,' "Our Mam."  
Being a Mother has to be one of the scariest but most beautiful and fulfilling roles ever. I never wanted children but out of the blue I became broody then became pregnant very quickly.  I didn't have the best pregnancy but was lucky to never suffer morning sickness.  I gained weight and pregnancy weight rapidly, to the point where I was sent for a second scan as It was thought I could be having twins.  Thankfully the family twin genetics passed me by and hit my younger Sister.
Bringing up a child comes with no instruction manual, most of what we learn is through our own parenting and is passed from generation to generation.  I was lucky to realise in time that some things are not right and you can change patterns of behaviours.
I am so proud of my Son and the choices he has made in life.  I hope he can remember his childhood with happiness.

Makeovers......  In the past year I have been given makeover experiences as gifts for my Birthday and Christmas.  Are my friends and family trying to tell me something?  One is a bodouir photoshoot which is something I have always wanted to do.  I think my reasons for having it done have shifted over the years.  Originally I wanted one to show that I could be beautiful and was willing to be airbrushed to an inch of my life.  Now when I have the photos taken I want no enhancements. Just me, stretch marks, bingo wings, scars and all.
Funnily enough whilst writing this the Photography company phoned. I'm booked to get my kit off Feb 8th. Now to think of how I can incorporate a cup-cake into my photo. Ideas anyone?

Music.....I live with music on a daily basis. Wherever I go I have it playing.  No wonder my Hubby always says its deadly quiet when I'm away!!  My taste is music constantly changes and I have a habit of listening to one album day in and day out until I get bored with it.  I will always have my favourites though. The Carpenters, Buddy Holly and the Cranberries will always stay in my top 10.

Memories....happy or sad, there's no getting away from them.  Don't dwell on the bad or the sad, accept them and move.

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