Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January 22nd. My A to Z. The letter S

My A to Z
The Letter S.

Summer......  As I sit listening to the wind bashing against the window pains I think forward to our English Summer and lighter longer days.  I long for the warmth of the Sun on my face as I look up to the bright blue skies; the freedom of sandals and the brushing of my dress against my ankles. I can almost taste the apples in the cider as I spend glorious afternoons with friends in a local beer garden. 
But for now I will stay snuggled on the sofa listening to the rain, cranking up the central heating wrapped up in my onesie!!

Sister....  I am lucky to have 2 amazing Sisters, one who is only 11 months older and the other 15 years my junior.  Both have done an amazing job bringing up their Children despite obstacles and challenges put in their way.  They have both had physical and emotional challenges and I am so proud of the way they have coped. Love you both more than you could imagine.

Sushi..... I always wanted to like Sushi.  The restaurants with the conveyabelt of food look amazing.  I hope the process is quicker than collecting your luggage after Holiday.  I have tried the proper fishy sushi but couldn't get on with the texture, instead opted for the safe bet, of rice with seaweed and peppers. 

Struggles....   are what makes you the person you are. 

Serendipity.....  one of my favourite films which I was introduced to by my friend Jen. I could watch it over and over and still cry.

Spectrum.......  of beauty.  There is no standard of beauty which is right or wrong.  Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes and colours.  Don't be told by anyone you are not beautiful.... 

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