Monday, 6 January 2014

January 6th. Tempted by Jack.

So things were going pretty well. 4th day into the Dryathlon for Cancer Research and not a drop of alcohol had touched my lips.  It was a miserable weekend and we had terrible weather. The threat of localised flooding, gale force winds and generally being very wet outside meant we were inside to stay.  
Now I'm not much of a home bird and I do like to get out and about, especially on an evening, but this night was definitely one for the sofa, fire and a good film. Brilliant weather for ducks but not for me!!
At the same time as taking part in the Dryathlon I had also given up smoking!! I didn't really smoke that much but I must admit I probably increased my addiction over the Festive period. I was getting fidgety.....
I'd spent what seemed like eternity knocking up what I would say was an amazing meal and was sat supping on my elderflower mineral water afterwards.
Hubby comes in and say," Fancy a Honey Jack Daniels with ice?"  I frown.......
"Oh sorry Love, you can't have any can you? Don't worry, no one one will know."    I will know.......
After several minutes of umming and ahhhing, shall I and shan't I, I gave in, decided to use my golden ticket and opted to pay the £20 'falling off the wagon fine' and pay the money to Cancer Research.
Was it worth it?  Yes!!  I had a lovely warming glass of Honey JD, didn't get plastered but I have to say, it was probably one of the most expensive drinks I have ever bought.....
I am pleased to say I am now back on the wagon, still off the fags and it's still raining.
Come back tomorrow for the story of the worlds oldest dog.


  1. Sorry you were tempted hopefully you can stay on the wagon this time! Good luck...thanks for sharing.

  2. Good luck on your journeys. I'm glad to see you were honest and that the $ for that drink went to such a good cause.

  3. I'd be really upset with my husband in that position =/

    I'm glad that it worked out well, all things considered! And I'm kinda excited to hear about the world's oldest dog. That sounds awesome :D

  4. That's great that they offer a way to win even when you do drink by letting you donate to research! If you are not an alcoholic, that seems like a good way to do it, LOL. Everybody wins! :)


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