Thursday, 9 January 2014

January 9th. A picture paints a thousand words....what does your book shelf Say?

If a picture paints a thousand words, what does your book shelf say about you?
It's 11.55pm and I have 5 minutes left to complete today's blog post and not break my New Years resolution, so this will be a quicky!!
So back to my book shelf. I have to make it clear that 3 of these books (guess which ones) are borrowed from a friend. the same friend in fact who sat thumbing through the book on vibrators ticking off which device she owned!!!  Obviously I shall be discreet and not mention the friends name!!
As for the 'How to write a dirty story,' book, yes, I will own up to that one.  I have yet to start writing but never say never.
Book shelf number 2 tomorrow.


  1. I think I have that one, too, although I have not written any fiction lately. My latest books have all been spiritual or metaphysical. But I have so many they are on the shelves, on the counter, on the chair... :)

  2. You know.... I have book one and just can't get past the writing. LOL Never finished it, and probably never will. My book shelf mostly has industry related books - and a ton from James Patterson and Dean Koontz. Hmmmm, wonder what that says about me. LOL

    Eydie :)

    1. I got half way through book 2, skipped through the rude bits as was bored by then. You certainly didn't miss much.

    2. LOL - I had a feeling. LOL

  3. LOL ... did you ever get to read those 3? My bookshelf contains mostly romances (contemporary ones) and reference books ... no shade of grey yet. :D

  4. I didn't bother after reading the first book. I'd like the money she made from them! My shelf has mainly history, biography and cook books.

  5. I started reading 50 Shades, but couldn't get into it =/ Your friend sounds impressive!

  6. What is funny is that, since we lived in the Caribbean, we keep very few actual books. Almost everything we read in my house is on Kindle.


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