Sunday, 5 January 2014

January 5th. The Wonderful Thing About Onesies.

I was beginning to think I had set myself up to fail with my post a day for a year challenge! Since recovery and my mental health being on the straight and narrow my posts have started to become a little random.  I'm hoping because of this I won't be losing readers.    I will continue to write about Eating Disorders and my involvement with the positive body image campaign Body Gossip, as my main aim is still to help others feel good about themselves.  A brilliant way to feel good about yourself is not to take yourself too seriously......
wear a Onesie.
I presumed that Onesies were a staple fashion piece, part of our capsule wardrobe, until a friend from Germany came to stay with us over Christmas.  He was amazed that people actually wore them, bad enough indoors but to be actually be seen out in public!!
Onesies are a cross between a babygro and underwear that would be seen on men in an old Western movie.
Dependant on your body shape, wearing one can make you look like like either a Telly-tubby or Lara-croft from Tomb Raider!!  I am possibly somewhere in the middle.
The selection is amazing. So many to chose from and many advantages.

  • They save on heating bills. Wack on a Onesie and turn down the heating.
  • They can double up as a fancy dress costume.
  • Brilliant contraception. No-one can get past this crotch!!
  • Imagine the role play.
  • Instant super hero.
  • No need for socks/slippers if you get a footed one.
  • Front pockets ideal for holding the remote.
  • They are a great reflection of your personality or if bought as a gift how others see you :)
But they do have a few cons!!
  • Difficult to pee in public toilets if you are male.
  • You have to practically undress completely to use the toilet if you're female!!
  • Make sure you buy for height otherwise you will have a constant wedgie.
All in all I am an advocate for the onesie, and here's more pics to prove it.

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's a onesie out there for everyone. Enjoy x


  1. after reading your blog and seeing the pics, i am also an advocate of onesie now. stopping from UBC

  2. Do It!!! Seriously, imagine the comfort when watching those movies. Although I'm not sure how they will go down in the cinema

  3. What a lovely post and I am considering one ;) since I lost 42 lbs last year, oh wait a minute, I still haven't done much exercise so I will wait.

    I know there must be popular in the UK, as my niece posted the one she received for Christmas but then she is 16 and has a beautiful body.

    I don't think I will make much use of it unless I get a summer one, I've been living in Southern Spain since late 2012 and the temp has not gone down from 20 C/ 70 F and our house is quite warm.

    Happy New Year to you and great that you are keeping up with the Blog Challenge.

    1. Oh wow. Spain, how lovely.Hey it doesn't matter what you weigh, a onesie is still all the way. But well done on that...

  4. ohh this post has some of the cutest pic.. am glad am here... :)

  5. I had sort of forgotten about onesies, but now I REALLY WANT ONE. Or twelve. You know--everything in moderation ;)

    Seriously, Jackie, this is a really cute and fun post--I bet it'll GAIN readers, not lose 'em!

    1. Sonya, if you get one you must post lots of pics on your blog

  6. We have a onesies store here in Oslo, Norway actually! Nothing else than onesies are offered.

    1. The picture of my Friend at the top wearing the blue onesie. I think that is possibly a Scandanavian brand.

  7. The onesies are fun to wear and very comfortable also. But I think I wouldn't go out on public with them. But that might be because I'm teletubby variation myself, lol

  8. You never fail to make me laugh!

    I think I now need to go buy my own onesie!




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