Friday, 3 January 2014

January 3rd. Abstinence.


Ignore the saboteurs,
The ones who try and make you stray,
Who help you lose your way.
'One won't hurt,' falls on deaf ears,
Avert your eyes from cider and beers.
No need to grieve for malt and hops,
Or smell the mead in the farmhouse shops.
Your liver has a new found zest,
The hangover will no longer molest
Your head in the morn and strangle your head,
And leaving you writhing in your bed.
Instead you rouse with open eyes,
Throw open the curtains look up to the sky's,
And think only 3 more weeks to lose,
'Til I can get back on the booze!!!

Not sure what I'm finding more difficult. Packing in smoking or not having a glass of wine at night!!  Probably a combination of both.  Have filled the fridge with some lovely fruit flavored mineral waters to give me a change from coffee on an evening.  The combination of coffee and fags just seem to fit together nicely.
The weather here is currently lousy otherwise I would be off out for a walk to give me something to do.  Lots of wind and rain and only going to get worse over the weekend!!  Suppose I could just hit the jelly babies again or blog rubbish for the next few months. 
See you tomorrow xx never give up, giving Up.


  1. Ya, it would be tough to give up both at once. It's hard enough to give up one bad habit but two must be brutal.

    1. Amanda, on Feb 1st my dry Month shall be up. The wine shall be on ice.

  2. You are trying to quit smoking AND drinking at the same time??? I used to be an addictions counselor, so I can imagine how extremely difficult that is. In 12-step meetings, I remember that the wisdom was usually to stick to one change at a time whenever possible unless your health or wellbeing is severely threatened by more than one thing. And often it was. But I knew a lot of people in recovery who smoked and ate sweets until they were ready to tackle those changes.

    1. Anna, the alcohol is for a Month. I do it each January for sponsorship for Cancer research. The smoking!! Well, that been on and off for 7 years. Longest I gave up was for 6 years. I have faith in myself :)

    2. Oh!!!! That makes much more sense. I get it now. Thanks for explaining!

  3. You are doing a wondrous thing.... perhaps I will attempt something similar (though alcohol is not something I have had a problem with!) so I can commiserate with you during January. :-)

    Thank you for commenting on my Let Your Words Flow series! I appreciate it so much!

  4. Your willpower is impressive when faced with such a challenge! I hope blogging about it and being part of a supportive community will help with the struggle. Like you said, keep on keepin' on :)

  5. Day 3 and you are doing it!!! I am with you when it comes to cigs and coffee. Each morning I have both while I talk to my sister on the phone. It is our morning routine and without it my day just seems to fall into itself. Sending positive thoughts your way!!!!


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