Friday, 17 January 2014

January 17th.My A to Z. The letter O.

My A to Z.
The Letter O.

So I wonder how many of you thought I was going to be mentioning 'that' O?  Sorry to disappoint, but that's not on the agenda today. Maybe later!

Olfactory....isn't that just a wonderful word?  Basically a posh meaning for Smell.  It's a word I have used during sensory work with clients when working around the 5 senses. But for the purpose of this blog I shall stick with smells.  We all have smells that we either love or hate.Along with other senses, smells can take us back to other times in our lives.  Remember that horrid, chemical stench in the dentist or the sweet sickly smell of candy floss and popcorn? Instant time travel to dental check ups and visit to Crows fair each summer in my home town of Middlesbrough.
Some of my favourite smells I no doubt share with many others. I love the smell of Lillie's, especially the pink ones; fresh baked bread, strawberries, angel perfume, vanilla, hot brewed coffee, marzipan, Cinnamon and all the Christmas, festive smells.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, bonfire night, hot dogs, onions and the seaside.  
I hate the smell of TCP, vomit,, raw meat and cooked cabbage. Body odour on the tube, really overpowering fragrances and wet dogs. Yuk!!

Ordinary....  I don't make my self out to be something I'm not. I'm ordinary. Nothing special and certainly not in a minority.

Oscillate... what I do If I have drank too much Cider.

Oxymoron... one size fits all!!!


  1. "olfactory" really is a wonderful word! one of the reasons I wear perfume is so I can hide in my own lovely scent when there are things like strong body odors on public transit.

  2. I am afraid that heavy perfume wearers on the tube are as much a problem to me as an unwashed person. Infact BO probably makes me feel less sick, dizzy and cranky than most perfumes.


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