Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Things to be thankful for.

Life, health and happiness!!  Cliche I know but its true.  We take far too much for granted and although the old saying, 'theres always someone worse off than you' doesn't generally wash with me, it is so right.
So today I am thankful to be alive, to have a wonderful family and a supportive network of friends who I trust.
I am thankful for the online community of support groups who without I would probably not have got this far...
I am very thankful for the boiler man coming to sort out the heating as its bloody freezing!!
Just wanted to let you know that after last nights post, I have not crawled into a shell and stayed there, I have come back out to fight, to take on the challenge and eventually win.
I will not allow my feelings today control what I put into my body or what I don't put in.
I will take each day as it comes and grasp it whole heartedly.
I will bake cake.....and eat it. x


  1. Bake me one too please :)

  2. I will swap one for a purple wrapper xx please

  3. anon......I would prefer the sweet inside the


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