Monday, 27 December 2010

I survived Christmas :)

Christmas Day and Boxing day are now over so I can sit back, relax, deep breath and reflect on how things went.

Despite being surrounded by food from the moment I awoke on Christmas morning to the evening of Boxing day I coped pretty well.  Being surrounded by the positivity and support of those closest to me helped.
I had made sensible choices around what food was on offer and also planned what I was going to eat beforehand.  Even though I had rather a lot of bubbly (would be rude not to!) the urge to overeat was not there.  I even woke up this morning not thinking about what I could or could not eat today!!!
Granted my pattern of eating may have been erratic but given the circumstances I think this acceptable.
I so want to wake up tomorrow feeling the same way.

Santa was very good to be this year. I received a huge amount of cupcake related gifts, shower-cap, mugs, cake stand, soap and the compulsory Christmas socks :) 
My highlight had to be Boxing Day when I opened a gift from two of my closest friends.  I opened a box which said 'extreme' on the front.  This was from the same couple that last year had bought me a sphering/zorbing experience.  My face was a picture when I opened the box and began to read out the letter...'You will be attending a charity bungee jump event where you will jumping from Clifton suspension bridge!!'   Absolute horror, I hate heights, hate flying and struggle to walk over bridges.  Panic was now setting in. All eyes were on me when I was told to look at the web link to register my  I had been well and truly had.  I can honestly say I have never been so happy to have NOT received a gift before.   The look on my face was priceless.
I hope you have all had a good and stress free Christmas time.  For those of you continuing the fight stay strong and be positive.

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